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who we are

Agro Farm Brazil

We are the result of a partnersip made up of very successful family owned farms, top Brazilian agro educators, and the receptive tour operator Rio Love Story, known for its quality services.

Together we Agro Farm Brazil, ready to provide you with a trip to Brazil which you will never forget. You will learn the tips of the Brazilian Agro Prouction, make friends and contacts for a life time, all while sharing unique and authentic experiences.

Our mission

To teach agronomy students, farmers, importers/exporters, the tips of the Brazilian agro production and the Brazilian market as a whole. All, while having fun and with a Brazilian touch.

Our vision

A Brazilian agronomy market that is more globally understood and learned from.

Our story

The idea of Agro Farm Brazil was born in 2021, during a lunch meeting of two old friends in Rio de Janeiro; Lucas Camolese, the owner of Canaã Farm in São Paulo and Tavi Norén, the owner of the Brazilian Tour Operator Rio Love Story.

While having a conversation about the potential of the Brazilian Agro Market and its production secrets they realized that it would be very interesting to combine Brazilian Agro Education with Tourism.

Aluízio Borém

Aluízio Borém

Agro Farm Brazil Agronomy Educator

Agronomist, author, speaker, consultant and professor at the Federal University of Viçosa.  Ph.D. in Agronomy from the University of Minnesota. Have lived for 8 years in the US Midwest, being from 2019 to 2020 for the last time. He is the author of 120+ books translated into 12 different languagues. He was a consultant at FAO in Rome and he has developed agricultural activities in 12 countries.

Aluízio is your Agro Educator during your visit to our partner farms.

Lucas Camolese

Lucas Camolese

Owner & Ops Manager Canaã Farm

Responsible for managing the production units, elaborate and execute the annual planning of plantations / crops, agricultural operations and its logistic, sale of the product to its final destination, to develop general budgets, to control costs and to follow the activities of handling and harvest, to look for the resources and assets of the company in order to keep them in perfect condition.

Lucas is who will organize everything for us at the Canaã Farm and at Frutap.

Tavi Norén

Tavi Norén

Agro Farm Brazil Comercial Responsible

Responsible for all activities including in the package and is who will customize everything for your group so that it becomes perfect for you.

Completely passionate and driven by the urge to show the world the hidden secrets in Brazil and all that the country offers.

Owner of the Brazilian Tourism Operator Rio Love Story and the Real Estate company Penthouse in Rio.